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Bail Bonds Saluda VA
All bail bondsmen who post bail bonds at Saluda jail should recognize this sign. It’s the jails way of saying if you get arrested, there’s ALWAYS a bed available.

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Saluda Jail holds for Essex, King & Queen, Middlesex, King William, and Mathews counties. If a friend or loved one gets a bond, call us right away. If not, they’ll see a judge in a few days because those counties only have court once a week. When they receive a bond from the judge, be prepared for it to take all day.

The jail makes one trip to court in the morning and one trip back that afternoon. So even if they get a bond in the morning, they won’t get back to the jail until that afternoon. That’s when we can start the bond process. If they’re not given a bond, they’ll stay in booking for up to 72 hours. This gives the jail time to process them. Then, they’re sent to general population. There, they can take advantage of the jail programs offered. GED testing and Life skills. Substance abuse counseling and Adult literacy. Mental heath counseling and Parenting classes. All free of charge. The only cost is the desire to change.

Saluda Jail Bail Bonds

Posting Bail

The Middle Peninsula Regional Security Center doesn’t have a magistrate on site. We can still post bail 24 hrs a day by video. Henrico Jail East and Gloucester jail have magistrates on site. Those magistrates are normally the ones used by the jail in Saluda. Posting bail at the Saluda Jail is always different. Sometimes, it’s slow. Other times, its fast. Bail bondsmen have to be escorted to the back of the jail.
Sometimes it takes 45 minutes for an officer to come get us. It just depends on how busy the officers are. Family and friends aren’t allowed back. Once we’re taken back, the bail bond process starts. Our client is brought into the bonding room with us. The jail officer calls up the magistrate on video. The defendant swears to show up for their next court date. We sign the paperwork for the bond. The bond is now posted and our client walks out of the jail with us.

Here’s some of the most asked questions about the Middle Peninsula Regional Security Center….

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Middle Peninsula Regional Security Center
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