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Bail Bonds Chesterfield Va
A Way Out Bail Bonds posts bail bonds at the Chesterfield County Jail 24 hours a day. When you call us rather, you’ll always get a live Chesterfield County bondsman . Not an answering service. We’ll meet you at the jail anytime. If your friend and loved one is arrested in Chesterfield County VA, you should call us right away. Even if you just have questions about bail and/or because you want information. We’ll take the time and make sure you understand the entire process. A Way Out Bail Bonds can also give you the name of some of the best criminal defense attorneys in Chesterfield VA.

Posting bail in Chesterfield VA

All bail bonds in Chesterfield VA must be posted at the magistrate’s office. The Magistrate’s Office is open 24 hours a day. Their office is located to the right of the jail. Once you call us, we’ll meet you in front of the lobby. We’ll go over all the paperwork right there. Once our paperwork is signed, we’ll go in and post the bond. Unfortunately only one person is allowed in the Chesterfield magistrate’s lobby. And once the bond is posted, it’ll probably take awhile before our client is released from the jail. Furthermore, our bail agents can’t control that part.
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Choosing who to hire to post Bail Bonds in Chesterfield VA

When you need bail bonds Chesterfield VA, you should always choose carefully. Do some research on the Chesterfield bail bondsman you’re thinking about. Some Chesterfield bail bondsman are relatively new. While anyone can walk in a magistrates office and sign a paper. They have little experience with certain things and may not completely understand everything that comes with bail. Sometimes, due to certain things popping up which make posting a bond a little more complicated. Another warrant out of a different county. An ICE detainer. A Warrant of Extradition. A Way Out Bail Bonds Chesterfield can and will answer all your questions about these things. We have the experience to handle all of these things.

Chesterfield Jail FAQ

The Chesterfield Jail phone system uses Global Tel Link. Inmates must make collect calls. Family and friends can set up pre-paid accounts. Inmates are allowed to buy pre-paid calling cards using their canteen account.

For more information about Global Tel Link and Advance Pay click HERE.

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